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WA’s Top Four Breath-taking Spots for Abstract Artists - Benn Francis
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WA’s Top Four Breath-taking Spots for Abstract Artists

To say WA is one of the most awe-inspiring, stunning places in the world is an understatement. From its complex terrain: a rugged and unforgiving outback, juxtaposed by the soft lines of native trees, sparkling oceans and a rich palette of hues, it’s easy to see why WA is an abstract artist’s playground, daydream and daily dose of inspiration all rolled into one.  

 A heady mix of landscapes, wildlife, oceans brimming with life and even some alien-like natural landmarks, WA has it all for creatives of all kinds, whether they’re wildlife painters, abstract artists, sculptors, photographers or videographers. Although there are hundreds, if not thousands, of incredible places to inspire Australian art within WA, narrowing the list down to four will offer a glimpse into some of the best. 


1. Boranup Forest 

This isn’t just any old forest. Situated 20 minutes from Margaret River on Caves Road, this enchanting, almost fairy-like forest seems to magically appear as the driver navigates a bend in the road, casting a stunning view over a valley of karri trees. It quite literally takes your breath away, particularly if it happens to be around dusk as the sun is sinking and throwing its beams around the soaring trees. Grab a canvas and medium of your choice and settle in at the lookout point to reveal the abstract artist within and create some uniquely Australian art. 


2. Karijini National Park 

For those who love to get out and amongst it, Karijini National Park should come as no surprise on this list. Aside from the breath taking, rugged valleys featuring rust-red and ochre rock formations kissed by the turquoise waters of the gorge, Karijini is a wildlife painter’s wonderland. Home to birds aplenty, red kangaroos, echidnas, rock wallabies, and an assortment of reptiles including the likes of goannas, dragons and snakes, this slice of heaven ignites quintessential Australian art at it’s finest. 


3. Ningaloo Reef 

For those inspired by the sea, getting up close and personal with marine life of all kinds is sure to delight any wildlife painter. With rainbows of exquisite tropical fish, sharks, rays, octopuses, dolphins and not to mention the stunning coral itself, taking even a short snorkel or trip in one of the many glass-bottomed boat tours will spark a newfound love for the ocean and inspire pieces of Australian art featuring oceanic nuances for the wildlife painter. 


4. The Pinnacles 

One of those alien-like natural landmarks mentioned earlier, The Pinnacles offer an intriguing landscape where the viewer can feel like they’ve landed on another planet. Thousands of looming pillars made from sandstone reach out from the rugged desert to create a scene like no other. With sharp and jagged lines as well as smooth, sandy surfaces, this region of WA inspires abstract artists from all over with a vision to create distinctive Australian art.  


The beauty of Western Australia is a visual smorgasbord for artists both beginner and advanced alike. There is not shortage of places to explore and glean inspiration to create pieces of Australian art.  

 An abstract artist specialising in wildlife paintings and many other subjects and styles, I feature a collection of unique pieces within my online gallery for you to peruse and purchase. 


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