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Benn Francis - Perth Mixed Media Artist - signing your work
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The Importance of Signing your work

As an artist, signing your work is an important part of taking ownership of your creations. It is a way of establishing authenticity and establishes a connection between the artist and the artwork. The signature on your artwork protects your intellectual property rights and puts a stamp of credibility on your work, allowing art collectors and buyers to know your piece is original. Having a signature provides a layer of protection and helps in preventing plagiarism and theft.

Additionally, signatures can increase the value of your art. Signed pieces of artwork are typically worth more than unsigned ones. It shows that you have taken responsibility for your creations and commit to your art. An artist’s signature reflects their professionalism and enhances the value of their artwork. A signed piece of artwork is more important in the art market and can be a distinguishing factor for any buyers who are interested in investing in your work. Therefore, signing your work not only protects your intellectual property rights but also validates the quality and authenticity of your artwork.


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