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Benn Francis - Perth Mixed Media Artist - collage art - An Exhibition
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An Art Installation

An Art Installation


Preparing for a solo visual art exhibition in a gallery is an extensive and multifaceted process that requires considerable work and preparation. In my case it began with years of art creation and culminates in the presentation of 21 carefully selected artworks. During this time, I have explored different themes, techniques, and ideas, experimenting with various mediums and styles. This period has allowed me to develop an artistic voice, establish a coherent body of work, and refine my artistic skills and processes. It has involves countless hours of sketching, cutting and gluing paper to canvas.

As the exhibition approaches, the process shifts towards the selection of artworks that will be showcased. It involves carefully curating a collection that reflects my vision and can effectively communicate my stories and energy in my artistic format. Once the artworks are created, I need to prepare them for presentation in the gallery. This entails having each one photographed and ensuring that they are protected and displayed in the best possible way.

Promotion and marketing are also significant aspects of preparing for a solo exhibition. I have tried to  generate interest and build anticipation for the event, reaching out to potential visitors, art collectors, and critics. This has involve creating a promotional campaign, designing invitations, utilizing social media platforms and a mailing list, and coordinating with the gallery to create buzz surrounding the exhibition.

Additionally, another facet of preparing for a visual art exhibition is creating products for the gift shop. The gift shop provides an opportunity for visitors to take a piece of the exhibition home with them. For this event I have include merchandise such as prints, coasters, stickers and even candles featuring the artwork. I have spent many hours designing and produce these products, considering factors such as cost, market demand, and coherence as a collective

Finally, the actual installation of the artworks in the gallery space is another crucial step in the preparation process. This involves carefully arranging the pieces, taking into account their size, colour, and composition, to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and engaging exhibition layout. Lighting and acoustics must also be considered to enhance the visual impact and overall ambiance of the exhibition space.

In conclusion, organizing a solo visual art exhibition in a gallery requires extensive work and preparation. From the initial creation of art over a period of two years to the careful selection and preparation of artworks for presentation, artists invest considerable time and effort into each phase. The culmination of this process is the presentation of 21 art pieces that tell a story, convey a concept and hopefully if I’ve done it right provoke emotions.

You can find all the original artworks here


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  • Kim
    Posted at 04:07h, 18 October

    Hi Ben, congratulations, the exhibition looks stunning. Wish I could see it in person..
    Hope you add a new fan base from it and sales, of course!
    The kangaroos buyer

    • Benn Francis
      Posted at 11:13h, 18 October

      Hi Kim,
      Thankyou, I’m glad you like the exhibition even if it is from a distance. How are my kangaroos going?

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