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Benn Francis - Perth Mixed Media Artist - collage - The Pinnacles
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A Million years in the making

The Pinnacles Cervantes Western Australia

The Pinnacles, located in Cervantes, Western Australia, is a fascinating natural phenomenon that attracts both locals and tourists alike. This unique landscape is known for its unusual limestone formations that rise from the sandy desert floor. These limestone pillars can reach heights of up to five meters and come in varied shapes and sizes, giving the place an otherworldly feel. The Pinnacles are a testament to the forces of nature and erosion, as they were formed thousands of years ago when the sea receded and left behind deposits of seashells.


Visiting The Pinnacles offers a surreal experience, especially during sunrise and sunset when the shifting light casts dramatic shadows on the limestone structures. The site is easily accessible to visitors, with a designated path that allows for an up-close view of these ancient formations. The Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre provides valuable information about the geological history of the area as well as the unique flora and fauna that inhabit the region. It is truly a photographer’s paradise, as the barren desert landscapes combined with the limestone pinnacles create a stunning backdrop for capturing memorable moments.

You can find the original artwork here


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